Saturday, December 6, 2008


On Wednesday the 3rd Sean & I went out to a movie together and my Mom and sisters watched Keilei for us. When we got back we were walking into the room where they all were and they yelled at us to stop. We stopped in the door way and they told us to call Keilei to us. To our amazement she stood up and walked all the way across the room to us. I was so shocked and excited I seriously almost started crying. Keilei has been taking a few steps at a time for about 3 months now. But had never walked that far. Ever since Wens. she has been walking quite a bit now. She just stands up by herself and takes off. It kind of makes me sad to know that she is that grown up.

When Keilei was 6months old Sean started saying that she would walk before she was one. So when she took her first steps Oct 3rd we thought for sure she would be walking before she was one. But the last couple weeks I was starting to doubt if that would happen. Then a week before her birthday she decides to do it for real, go figure. So it took her exactly 3 months from when she first did it to actively doing it. Lucky for Daddy he was almost wrong:)

This video is later that night on the 3rd after we had gotten home and I had my camera.