Monday, December 15, 2008

Sean's Church Calling

They announced the new elders quorum presidency in our ward this week. Sean is the 2nd counselor!!! We got a call to meet with the stake presidency a couple weeks ago. Sean was hoping that he would get called to be a stake parking lot attendant:) No such luck. He was called to be the 2nd counselor in the Elder quorum. We were worried he was going to be called as President because we didn't know the stake extended calls to the counselors we thought that that was done in the ward. But he is excited and ready to go.

We also had to talk in church this Sunday. Luckily my family came to help with Keilei. I think that is the most I've been able to pay attention in sacrament meeting in quite a while since it is right in Keilei's nap time. Sean's talk was really good. He always does so well, he is so good at speaking and teaching. I wish I was more like that.