Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Here is a list of 26(cause that is how old he is) things I love about my wonderful husband SEAN
1. He is a handsome, good looking, hot, sexy...
2. Loves the Gospel and believes in it
3. Like the outdoors
4. He is a great father to Keilei, I love watching them play together
5. Gets me water and scratches my back when I don't feel good
6. Doesn't make fun of me or judge me for sometimes being a "Molly Mormon" on things like not drinking caffeine or watching R rated movies or not cracking jokes at others expense.
7. Changes diapers!!!
8. I love how much he loves to ride bikes...even if I do wish he would store them in the garage
10. Always willing to volunteer for things in church, work, when someone needs help
11. I love his hair, although he hates it
12. Looks so sexy with facial hair, even though he can only grow it on his days off
13. He is happy and content with his life
14. The love he has for all of his family
15. How he loves, handles, & puts up with my family:)
16. Moved to Logan to make me happy and did it with no complaint
17. He has amazing friends
18. Has the softest lips
19. How he is willing to learn how to open up and talk about his emotions instead of bottling them up and having me have a one sided conversation.
20. How he is learning to handle physical affection...whether it is holding my hand or kissing me in public, hugging my siblings or letting them lay on top of us while we are on the couch
21. When he does the dishes
22. How he sometimes comes home with my favorite candy
23. When he will go into Micheal's with me so I can show him something
24. Spooning with him
25. That he loves and chose me!!!
26. Did I mention he LOVES...The gospel, Me, Keilei, Family, Friends, Outdoors, Bikes...