Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Reason for the Season

One of my closest friends called me up this morning(late) to ask a favor. She had a family emergency the night before, which kept her up literally all night long. Today she has a huge family dinner at her house with the in laws, I'm talking like 30 so people. She called me to see if I would come help clean her house and help her prepare for it, since she didn't have enough time to do it herself. I called my Mom to see if she would watch Keilei. I dropped off Keilei and went straight to my friends. I helped do the dishes, wipe things off, polish the stainless steel appliance, clean the bathrooms, etc (simple little chores really, nothing hard). I was SO glad I could help her out. She had a lot on her mind and was clearly stressed.
When she called she apologized saying she almost didn't call and she didn't want to mess up my Christmas eve. As she was saying that I was thinking to myself I am so glad you did call, that you would turn to me when you need help, and whatever plans I have can wait.

I continued to think what is Christmas and Christmas eve but a celebration of Christs life, how could I say no (not that I wanted to) or pass up a chance to do something truly Christ like on Christmas eve. By helping her when she was in need has made my Christmas Eve be better then I could ever have planned it to be. So thank you Friend for helping me focus on the true meaning of Christmas and giving me an opportunity to serve!

May we all remember and look for more opportunities to be Christ like. Not only this month but all Year round. Christ dedicated His life to serving other. Let us make time in our "busy schedules" to take a few minutes or a couple hours to help those around us weither they are family, friends, or stangers. The world could use more people who are at least trying to be more like Christ.

Merry Christmas


Nichole Lowe said...

I am so jealous. What an awesome experience to have on Christmas Eve. That is awesome that you got to serve in that way. Hope you guys have a great Christmas and I can't wait to see all the fun with Keilei.