Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve

Keilei played with Lily at Grandma's house, Sean had to work:(
Christmas Morning - Our house

Keilei got lots of presents!

She even liked opening them

She LOVED all the new books she got!

She played with each toy that she opened.
The pic on the right is a wall hanging given to me by my sister Kristi I love it!!!

This is Keilei running to the front door when I asked her if she wanted to go to Grandma's
Late Christmas Morning - Lofland House

Waiting for all the family to arrive so we could open presents
Keilei playing with her uncles Sam & Nate
Sam gave us all apparel with his tattoo shop logo on it, he called it shame less advertising:) Unfortunately it is a size small but fit Keilei:)
I love this picture of Sean helping her unwrap a gift

Our happy family on Christmas day!

After we went home I kinda got the Holiday blues I was sad Christmas was over. This was Sean's way of trying to cheer me up. He went outside and came back in looking like this. It cracked me up and put me in a better mood:) Man I LOVE him!