Thursday, December 11, 2008

Keilei's First Birthday

Our Little Birthday Princess

(cell phone n' all)
KEILEI Turned ONE yesterday!!! But before I tell about all the fun we had I have to say THANK YOU to my wonderful, amazing, thoughtful, loving husband SEAN! He was amazing yesterday! First thing yesterday he helped me clean up the house, set up chairs and set the table. Then he took Keilei up the canyon to play in the snow so I could get the cake made, wrap her presents, and run to the store to get some last minute things. We then went to Burger King and ate and got Keilei fries, which she loves. Then just before the party while I changed Keilei he ran to the store to pic up her cake. Oh it didn't stop there! He dished up cake and ice cream so I could take pictures. Then he helped me with ALL the clean up. He even did dishes while I scrubbed down Keilei, the high chair, and the floor. So our house was back to normal before Keilei went to bed. Thank You, Thank You, Thank was such a fun day because I had your help.
Ok now to the FUN...
Caution: daughter of a picture freaks first birthday=lots of pictures:)
We invited people over for cake at 6 o'clock
FYI-for anyone interested Albertsons does a free birthday cake for babies First Birthday, as shown above, it even had a filling in the middle. That is right, $0.00 folks!
She just poked it at first,

then with 2 hands,

Then hands free and..

Mouth first!
Yum, that's good stuff

after that she started grabbing handfuls

For a second there we thought we were going to lose it
But she decided she wanted to play some more
Boy did she have fun

Then she got tired and..
Time for a bath, don't know if you can tell but that is some pretty dirty bath water
Time to open presents. She got an awesome purse that talks from Nichole Lowe and family, some toy cars from Grampa Lowe, and a webkinz stuffed animal deer from Mike & Dani family. All of which she loves! THANK YOU
Grandpa Lofland giving Keilei a cell phone present, her face is so cute!
Proof that the best things in life are free....After everyone left this is what she played with. The box her purse came in and the .25cent cell phone from Grandma & Grandpa Lofland.
The tutu I made her for her B-day, doesn't she look cute in it
Check out my curly hair
I finally got a picture where you can see all her top teeth


Nichole Lowe said...

It looks like she had a blast. Kate loved the big bag a present came in and the tissue paper. 1st birthdays are so fun. Holy cow did she devour that cake. I love it. Happy Birthday Kiwi!

Beka said...

Cuteness! I am glad you guys had such an awesome time.

Unknown said...

So cute! Looks like she had so much fun! Great 1st party! :)
And I would LOVE to know of any great hiking trails! You can also email me at and let me know which trails you liked :) Thanks, Jana!

Kim said...

I'm glad you went to Albertson's. It is such a great deal isn't it??
She is such a doll!!! Happy birthday sweet girl.
Oh, and your tree, amazing. Wanna come do mine?? ;)