Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cute Baby Girl

I love it when people tell me how cute they think our daughter is :)
My 15 yr old nephew Nick was telling his mom the other day that he couldn't imagine Sean & I having any more kids. He said he thinks Keilei is going to be our only child. His Mom said why is that? Then went on, is it because Keilei is so cute you can't imagine them having another one as cute as she is? He relied Yep pretty much!

I was talking to my sister Kristi, in Alaska, on Keilei's B-day. Before we said good-bye she reminded me that if anything happened to Sean & I that her family wants Keilei, Literally the WHOLE family. Her 5 boys from ages 17(?) to 8months all adore her and want her to live with them. Even thier dad would make an exception in Keilei's case and have a girl. When we were all together this summer at my Mom's house you would often find Keilei sitting on the floor with a circle of boys around her.

Her uncles have it pretty bad too!

(Especially Uncle Bry)
Not to mention how she has her Grandparents wrapped around her finger

and her aunts too!

And of course her parents are at her becken call.

Good thing she is young and they are all family, Heaven help me when she gets older:) I hope she stays as sweet as she is now. With all this attention I don't know how that is possible.


Nichole Lowe said...

All I can say is BRRRRRR! I like to see the snow but it looks like it is freezing. And yes Keilei is cute but I have to say Kate is just as cute. :) I think they are both so much fun at this age with everything they are learning and discovering. It can't get any cuter. I love the pic with her and Ryan. Sounds like you had as much fun at your ward party as we did.

Mommy Fats said...

Oh my gosh! That pic of Keilei and mom by the ditch is darling! Her face is so cute. I'm so glad you got snow before Christmas--we just got some more too. Love it.