Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Things

The snow is awesome, it makes everything look so pretty, and it makes it feel like Christmas. But my back doesn't like it much. It took me almost 2 hours to shovel everything today. Thankfully my parents were willing to have Keilei at there house so I could come and get it all done before it got packed down and frozen. Remind me when we buy a house to get one that doesn't have a lot of driveway or sidewalks. I definitely do not like stairs in the winter so none of those, they are too dangerous and a pain. Our house is so old so the side door to the house is on the opposite side as the garage:( What were they thinking? We also have to hall our garbage cans forever to get them to the street so I had to shovel a pathway just for them:(

But even with that I love the snow!

Friday was our ward Christmas party. It was cute they had a little skit.It was fun although Sean and I took turns the whole time chasing after Keilei. She went up and down the gym over and over and tried to play with all the decorations. So as soon as we ate we left. I had signed up to decorate a rice krispie Christmas tree to be a table center piece. I figured it was good insurance to make sure we actually went. I thought it turned out ok, considering I only used stuff we already had in the house.


Nichole Lowe said...

You just made me glad that I am in Arizona and I don't have to shovel snow. I guess there are some things good about here. :) I love the Christmas tree. So cute. They had us bring gingerbread houses but I didn't do one I just brought something for the dinner. They had some pretty cool ones though. Did you make Sean's work party?

The Coons Family said...

Looks like you guys had a blast in the snow! Keilei's so adorable in her snow stuff!!! Wish we could have been there for her first birthday too! I hope you got our birthday wishes by text and gave her a big kiss for us! So fun! Enjoy some snow for me remember...although I don't blame you about the shoveling, yuck!

Beka said...

Brandon saw your rice krispy tree and is now determined to make one. So cute!