Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Check-up and 1yr pics

I forget to write that on Dec. 11 Keilei had her 1 year check up. We really liked the Doctor, thank Heaven, he was the 3rd one I have been too. I was beginning to think there wasn't any good Pediatricians in Logan. Dr. Horkley was really nice, cute with Keilei, helpfully, and even gave Keilei a free book which she loved. She did have to get 4 shots though:( I hate it when she has to get shots it makes my heart hurt. She starts to scream, her face gets all red, and tears roll down her face it is so sad.
But she is doing really well. He even suggested to start giving her whole milk to fatten her up a little. That is a first she used to always be bigger then average. He also asked if her head had always run big cause it was in the 97 percentile. Which I honestly didn't know the other doctors never really mention it. But I told him my whole family has huge heads so I'm not worried.

Her Stats
Head: 18.7 in 97%
Height: 29.5in 65%
Weight: 20.06 lbs 33%
(first time she hasn't been in the 90's %)
We took her to get her 1 year pictures done today. It was at noon and Keilei would not take a nap before so she was not a happy baby. She also caught a cold on Monday so she had a runny nose watery eyes and was slobbering like crazy.(It kind of makes me wonder if it is a cold or getting a tooth but I can't see anything coming in) Then we had to wait at least a half hour, even though we had an appointment. So the pictures didn't turn out that great and she isn't really smiling in any of them. Which is so sad cause she looked so cute. But there was one or two that we liked and ordered. I was very disappointed though. I guess cause her pics we got done when she was 3 months were so cute I had high expectations. But Keilei just would not sit still and wanted to walk all over. The photographer didn't help either, she didn't try to play with her once and expected her to sit still, ha! We are suppose to get them on the 22 or 23 and I will post a few.