Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baby Sitting Mickey

I baby sat my friends Desi & Geoff's son Mickey the other day while they went on a date. He was so cute and got along with Keilei really well. She followed him around all night. Sean and I were sitting watching them play with our ball pit and all of a sudden Keilei stood up took a few steps bent down picked up a ball took a couple more steps stood there for awhile and then sat down. We knew she could do it she is either just too lazy or to scared but having Mickey there obviously helped.

The screen on my camera flips out so if you are taking a pic of yourself you can see what it looks like. So I had the screen flipped out so Mickey could see himself, kinda like a mirror, and then I would take a picture of him and he could see it. So he started playing pick a boo with it. It was so cute and he wanted to do it over and over again. Good thing it's digital and you can just erase the 20+ pics we took. But hey he had fun and that is what counts.

This is Keilei trying to follow Mickey around. Keilei & Mickey playing swords while watching Little Einsteins(Luckily Mickey chose to watch Keilei's favorite) Mickey was really good at being gentle with her after we told him to soft.

Keilei is starting to climb on everything. She loves to climb into her shopping cart and then play with the toys. She gets up and down all by herself.

Where is Mickey?...There he is!