Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Almost ONE

It is Keilei's First Birthday tomorrow! I am so excited. We had planned to go to Salt Lake to look at the lights at temple square but there is no snow. Sean has never seen temple square lights before and I want there to be snow for his first time. I know it might sound silly but it is honestly SO much more beautiful when there is a blanket of snow covering everything! It makes everything sparkle. Not that Sean really cares but if we are going to make the effort to go down there then I want there to be snow even if he doesn't care.
So we are having family and friends over to watch Keilei demolish her cake and have cake and ice cream. Today we went to Logan's Heroes (a sub shop where they know every ones name that Sean has fallen in love with) for lunch today. We gave pieces to Keilei to eat and she would eat them off the table with her mouth, refusing to use her hands. She thought she was so funny. She made the biggest cheesy face when she would get a piece. I nudged Sean and said She is practicing for tomorrow. We will see! Don't worry I will get plenty of pictures:)


Kim said...

So glad to find your blog!!! Happy birthday to the sweet one tomorrow!!! I've never been to Logan's Heroes, but maybe now I'll have to try it out :)

Nichole Lowe said...

Happy birthday Keilei. I can't wait to see the pictures for her first birthday. I just wish we could be there and you are funny about lights at Temple Square. Being a warm blooded girl I think I would want to go with no snow.