Monday, December 8, 2008

1st Time in the Snow

Our house

When we woke up this morning there was snow on the ground. Not very much but enough to cover the ground and leave the sidewalks clear. So I got Keilei all bundled up and we went out to play in the snow. She couldn't walk very well and kept face planting so I got the sled and put her in that and pulled her around she loved it. When i took her out she would go back to the sled and wait for me to put her in it. After she was in it I would give her a big handful of snow to play with. She kept trying to eat it but it was too cold for her and she would spit it back out. For the first couple minutes I didn't put gloves on her so she could feel the snow, but they went on shortly after, especially after we learned she couldn't walk.
The hat in the first two pictures I made for her but it is a bit snug and kept sliding off so I guess I will have to try that again. Hopefully my next attempt will turn out better.
Feeling the snow for the first time!

All bundled up trying to walk

Keilei's new sled
Hmm, but to cold for my taste

Keilei face planting


Nichole Lowe said...

Wow, it must make it feel more like Christmas. It has been so warm here I haven't been able to get into it this year. She looks adorable as always.

Missy said...

The snow is so beautiful! I love the pictures of her all bundled up. Faceplanting is inevitable at that age unfortunately:(