Sunday, December 28, 2008

Crafts - Presents

Now that Christmas is over I can post the pics of some crafts I did for the holidays without spoiling someones surprise. I thought they all turned out really well, at least in my options, I hope they liked them.
First Family Trees -was for our gifts to our Mom's. I saw this in a magazine, Pottery Barn I think, and I thought I could do that. I definitely couldn't afford the one in the magazine. So all I had to do was by some cute paper, a leaf punch, and draw an outline of a tree and wha-la (oh and a frame)....

Tamara Lowe Family Tree
Lofland Family Tree

This is closer up of the leaves. You can't really tell but the paper I used on the leaves is all crinkled and different shades, they also aren't flat on the paper they are raised a little.
Second General gifts- This is what I made to give away to everyone instead of treat platters. So these went to friends, YW, Home teachers, neighbors, etc. They are basically a scrapbook page wrapped around a giant candy bar. Since I had a lot to give out I just made about 10 wraps and then just color copied them! I still have the originals in case I want to use them next year. The cool thing about these is you can do the cover for any occasion like a Birthday, Valentines, etc.

This is a closer up of what they look like off and on the candy bars

( Nichole if one looks familiar it is because I stole your design from your Christmas card, Sorry, What can I say you are you have the cutest ideas:)

Third Snowman Kits-I found these cool little kits that had Snowman eyes, bow tie, buttons, a carrot nose, top hat, etc. so I bought a few. I spray painted some old food storage cans(#10 I think) painted a face on them. Then bought some hats and stuck it on the top and there you have it. A cute little snowman kit.

Fourth Pasta Salad- I know this isn't a craft but I have a goal to try to cook for my Hubby and since he doesn't like what I know how to cook this was a new attempt. It turned out great we both loved it. It is just bow tie pasta with olives, mozzarella & Parmesan cheese, 1/2 can of chopped up stewed garlic herb tomatoes, some "Roasted red pepper Italian with Parmesan Dressing" by Kraft and grilled chicken slices.
I wanted to put sun dried tomatoes in but we didn't have any and also some green bell pepper but one again we didn't have any. But it still turned out "Amazing" as Sean said. That is definitely the first time he has used that word in relation to my cooking. Oh it is also great to eat either hot or cold.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve

Keilei played with Lily at Grandma's house, Sean had to work:(
Christmas Morning - Our house

Keilei got lots of presents!

She even liked opening them

She LOVED all the new books she got!

She played with each toy that she opened.
The pic on the right is a wall hanging given to me by my sister Kristi I love it!!!

This is Keilei running to the front door when I asked her if she wanted to go to Grandma's
Late Christmas Morning - Lofland House

Waiting for all the family to arrive so we could open presents
Keilei playing with her uncles Sam & Nate
Sam gave us all apparel with his tattoo shop logo on it, he called it shame less advertising:) Unfortunately it is a size small but fit Keilei:)
I love this picture of Sean helping her unwrap a gift

Our happy family on Christmas day!

After we went home I kinda got the Holiday blues I was sad Christmas was over. This was Sean's way of trying to cheer me up. He went outside and came back in looking like this. It cracked me up and put me in a better mood:) Man I LOVE him!

White Christmas

This is what I woke up to this morning! Well half was there when we came home last night.

What Sean's(rental, write about that later)car looked like last night

There was NO way I could have gotten out our driveway. This is our driveway after I shovel it. The pile on the right that is how deep it was originally I didn't throw any snow on that side, neither did our neibor they were just starting on theirs, that is how much was already there because of the snow plows. Now the pile on the left was what was in the driveway.

Luckily it was powder so it shoveled really easily
This is from last night, that is a good 6 inches incase you can't tell

People that wanted a white Christmas sure got, myself included:) It sure is pretty!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Reason for the Season

One of my closest friends called me up this morning(late) to ask a favor. She had a family emergency the night before, which kept her up literally all night long. Today she has a huge family dinner at her house with the in laws, I'm talking like 30 so people. She called me to see if I would come help clean her house and help her prepare for it, since she didn't have enough time to do it herself. I called my Mom to see if she would watch Keilei. I dropped off Keilei and went straight to my friends. I helped do the dishes, wipe things off, polish the stainless steel appliance, clean the bathrooms, etc (simple little chores really, nothing hard). I was SO glad I could help her out. She had a lot on her mind and was clearly stressed.
When she called she apologized saying she almost didn't call and she didn't want to mess up my Christmas eve. As she was saying that I was thinking to myself I am so glad you did call, that you would turn to me when you need help, and whatever plans I have can wait.

I continued to think what is Christmas and Christmas eve but a celebration of Christs life, how could I say no (not that I wanted to) or pass up a chance to do something truly Christ like on Christmas eve. By helping her when she was in need has made my Christmas Eve be better then I could ever have planned it to be. So thank you Friend for helping me focus on the true meaning of Christmas and giving me an opportunity to serve!

May we all remember and look for more opportunities to be Christ like. Not only this month but all Year round. Christ dedicated His life to serving other. Let us make time in our "busy schedules" to take a few minutes or a couple hours to help those around us weither they are family, friends, or stangers. The world could use more people who are at least trying to be more like Christ.

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 22, 2008

Keilei's First Year

Ain't she cute!?!

Keilei's One Year Pictures

The first two are the ones we ordered. She isn't really smiling in any of them she was to cranky:( And I wasn' t impressed with the Photographer.

See what I mean not smiling in any of them

Attention Grandma Lowe:
Here is the website for the pictures and you can download them to your computer and stuff
enter Customer Name (jana lowe)