Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sean's Birthday

Well it was Sunday so we went to church then afterward we went to my Mom's for "dinner" even though it was only 2, with all my family. My Mom had made Shepard's pie for Sean since he loves that. Then we had cake and ice cream and he opened presents. It was fun and relaxing, thank you Mom for making dinner. Sean loves cherry chip cake and icing. On Saturday I ran all over town looking for it and none of the stores had it so we had to settle with a funfetti cake instead. My little sister saw the cake and commented "a funfetti cake," and laughed "that is so Sean!" She says he is like a little boy all the time that was just another thing to prove her right:)

We went home and relaxed. My oldest brother Bry and Zhenja stopped by to give Sean a present.
Today Sean was telling me about his day at work yesterday and compared it to a 24hr guys night out. I thought that was hilarious and so true.
P.S. If you ever buy bright blue wash rags make sure you remember to wash them before you use them!...I was in the bath tub and grabbed a wash rag and stuck it in the water, all the water instantaneously turned DARK blue and my hand. I totally forgot I hadn't washed those rags. It was a quick way to cut a bath short:)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Home for Thanksgiving

I haven't been home for Thanksgiving in 5 years! I am so glad I was able to be with all my family, even though I was missing my Husband who had to work. There where around 26 of us. We ate at around 2 and then Nate, Micaela, Sam, Todd, Jeff, Kayla, Zhenja, & I went to Transporter 3 at 3:30. We took a whole row...when we went when I was in high school there was enough of us to take up 2 rows. Scott & Cristina are in Brazil, Kristi and her family are in Alaska except her husband Peter who is in Iraq:( we missed then all. I am especially greatful for what Peter is doing in Iraq and how strong he is and Kristi for how strong she is taking care of their 5 boys and being without her Husband. God bless them and all the service men who protect our country, our everyday lives, & other in the world.

Here are a couple pics of my family...Keilei enjoying her Thanksgiving dinner, she loved it when she was done with hers she went around to everyone getting fed something from each of them. The second half of the family(us younger ones) eating. All of us chilling together and deciding who is going were tomorrow for black friday:)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trying to talk

It is so crazy she tries to copy what people are saying and sometimes she does a good job at it others it is more the sound or rhythm of the word that she gets out but she does it constantly. I think she is going to be a talker.
My sister holding Keilei walked into the room where I was and Keilei looked at me and said very clearly "Hello" it was cute and a first she just says hi. Then she saw me getting some ice cream and she reached for it and said "yum"! The other night it sounded like she said Kayla. My Mom has a little kid nativity that sings Silent Night and Keilei dances to it. Tonight she got it and pushed toward my Mom and grunted and started dancing ! It was so cute she was telling her she wanted the music on. She loves music and always dances to it.
These are just some cute pics.
The last one is my niece Lily isn't she so cute!!! Last time I was there she tucked her doll to bed in my shirt and her in me cleavage...she took her little Dora doll and stuffed it down my shirt so just her head was sticking out the top. It was funny and really cute.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Keilei just started giving "loves". She started it by herself one day, we gave her a stuffed animal and she hugged it and started rocking back and forth it, was so cute. So we said "Are you giving loves" and then she did it again. These are pictures of how she one day took each of her stuffed animals and gave them each loves. She is so cute! She now gives loves to people too, when she is in the mood:)
P.S. That yellow teddy she is hugging was my first teddy bear, at least that I can remember, I loved/love that thing. I remember walking in the living room really early Christmas morning it was still dark and only the tree lights were on. The Teddy was sitting on top of all the presents and I knew it was for me, probably cause I am the only girl in the middle of boys, but I was so excited.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Cute Pictures

Story time before bed
She crawls in everything she can
Cute pebbles hair do- which she never lets me do
Call me sentimental but I love this picture...Keilei is holding on to Sean's hand and is walking into grandpa's (my Dad's) hand.

Big girl now riding front facing
My sister thought this was the cutest outfit we had to take a picture

This is Sean's favorite

Isn't she SO cute
Keilei's big cheesy grin. If you look closely you can see all her teeth she has 6 now
She is a climber. (sorry the pic is foggy I had just gotten my camera out of the freezing car but I wanted to get a pic of this) I watched as she purposely knocked over the tree box so she could climb on it to get on the bench

Walking with Daddy and doing her chessy, big grin, shoulder lifting, pretend to be shy, smile:)

Raking Leaves

My Mom has been trying to get my nephew and little sister to rack leaves. She was even going to pay them. But it just seemed to never happen and she was worried about it snowing. So she even offered to pay me to do it cause she knows I like raking leaves.
So Friday Sean & I went to my Mom's to rake her leaves. We have been trying to think of a way to repay her for watching Keilei so much for us lately and we thought this was a good opportunity. We went over and started, shortly after we were joined by my oldest sister and my Mom. Keilei was with us and loved playing in the back yard and being outside. She wouldn't let us pick her up, for once.With the four of us it went pretty fast. It would have been a long job with just Sean & I, they have a big yard. So I was grateful for their help even though I didn't want my Mom to have to do it. But if you know her there is no way that she would just sit there while others were working. But I hope it helped her though. That yard is way to much for my parent now that they are getting older and there aren't kids at home to help, or I should say that will help, without pulling out their teeth as my Mom would say.

Keilei eating an apple off my mom's apple trees it feel in the dirt but that obviously didn't stop her.
Keilei playing with balls under the tramp and with Aunt Lori(who she loves)

Keilei's First Words

Keilei has been starting to try and say new words lately.
So far she has said(in order) Mama, Dad, Hi(all the time), Uh-Oh(all the time), eye, dog, and her new one is Ouch. She also does "all done" in sign language:)
She is so cute she will point to my mouth, eye, and nose when I say the word. She will also say eye when she points to it. She has done it for over a month and is now just starting to do ear. I didn't expected her to pick up on that so soon she still seems to young to me to be so interactive.I think she picked up the ouch from me. Obviously I say it more then I realize, you know when she pulls my hair, gouges my eyes, or when her fingernail goes into my gums when she is playing with my mouth. She has said Uh-Oh for a couple months now. That was pretty much her first word, at least that everyone could understand. Before the Uh-Oh she used to when she was really really tired reach for me and say Ma ma ma ma, but she doesn't do that anymore and she went through a stage where she said Dad but we are the only one's that could tell, or understand it. She is starting to say Dad again, in the morning when I am changing her diaper she reaches for the doorway and says Da da. You can see our computer right though her door and Sean is usually sitting at it. It is so cute how she knows that and wants him.
Keilei has just stared watching little Einstein shows and when they would say dog she would try and say it. It didn't sound perfect but you could tell she was trying to say dog. The other day my Mom held a stuffed animal frog up to her and Keilei said very audible "Dog" we both looked at each other in surprise and corrected her. I think she like that word because whenever she is at my Mom's she is always around Jaxon, my Mom's dog. Keilei gets all of the attention so Jaxon is always at her heels hoping someone will pay attention to him. They do really well together though. Keilei always feeds him some of whatever she is eating when she is in the high chair so he loves her.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Get to know you Tag

I was tagged by Cathy. I have already done this one in my email so if you have "heard"this from me already sorry. But it is a good idea to do it on my blog too. I added a couple questions to make it 35 instead of 33 don't know why but the number just sits with me better:)

1.What is your current job?Keilei's mom & Sean's housekeeper:)
2.What color are your socks right now? plain ole white...goes with anything
3.What noise are you listening to right now?Keilei playing with some Chritmas ordement jingle bells
4.What was the last thing you ate?Dayquil-for my cold, actual food- I ate a bunch of samples at the grocery store
5.Can you drive a stick shift? Maybe if someones life depended on it. I hate driving & I completly hate sticks
6. Who is the last person you spoke to on the phone? Sean

7. Do you like the person who sent this to you? Of course I do
8. How old are you today? 26
9. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV? None they shouldn't exsist well except the olympics
10.What is your favorite drink? H2O
11.Have you ever dyed your hair? a better question is when have I not dyed my hair:)
12.Favorite food? good ? too many to say for sure I love Serranos chimis and chips & salsa, and homemade baked goods
13.What is the last movie you watched? Kung fu Panda, last night for the 1st time
14.Favorite day of the year? Halloween, but my Favorite holiday is Halloween tied with Christmas
15.How do you vent anger? I don't i hold it in too much tell I get a splitting headache, but if I do probably yelling or talking to Sean
16.What was your favorite toy as a child? Trees I loved climbing trees with my brothers
17.What is your favorite season? Fall ...By far, the smells, the colors, the holidays, the leaves..
18. Blueberries or cherries? to eat plain, neither. In pie cherries, in muffins blueberries
19.Do you want your friends to actually do this tag? Course
20.Most likely to respond? dunno
21.Least likely to respond?dunno
22.Living arrengements? Renting a hundred year old house which I live in with Keilei & Sean
23.Last time you cried? last night...had a headache
24.What is on the floor of your closet? Shoes, boot, slippers
25.Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending this to? Probably Kristi my sister
26.What did you do last night? Watched Kung Fu Panda with Sean after Keilei was in bed
27.What are 2 things you are most afraid off? Headaches & losing or something happening to Sean or Keilei
28.Plain, Cheese, or Spicy hamburger?Cheeeesssse
29.Favorite breed of dog?Rots
30.Favorite day of the week?What everday Sean has off so we can spend time together. It used to be Sunday but it's not that relaxing anymore chasing around a baby You don't get much out of the lessons.
31.How many cities have you lived in?Fillmore UT, Moscow ID, Logan UT, Richmond UT, Yellowstone National Park WY(at Old Faithful Inn while I worked there), Richland WA, Kennewick WA,Vancouver WA, Battleground WA, Yakima WA, Mesa AZ, Gilbert AZ, I think that is it but I'm sure I'm missing at least one.
32.Diamonds or pearls? Neither, except I love my wedding ring
33.What is you favorite flower? Gerber daisies or white & yellow roses
34.What is your dream job? National Geographic photographer
35.Where would you take your dream vacation? Scotland or Alaska, I would also like to tour the rest of Europe
Now I tag Kristi, Nichole, Melissa, Mary & Erica

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cribs Need Bandaids!?!

A couple days ago I went in to get Keilei out of the crib and noticed there was something on one of the sides of the crib. Upon further examination I found out that my daughter is a rabbit! What I saw on the crib was flakes of paint and wood. Keilei in a couple different spots had been gnawing on the crib, enough to leave a few good sized spots with no paint on it at all. The next day we also noticed that she was bleeding were she had a tooth coming in. Not knowing at first if it was from a splinter from the bed or her tooth coming in I decided to try and remedy the situation. Oh and the bleeding is from the tooth...we are almost positive.
I went to a craft fair in Sandy today. While there I found this Huge spool of ribbon for really cheap and thought to myself that just might work. So the above picture is my home remedy to try and save my daughter and the crib from any further harm. We'll see if it works:)

I can add this to my list of things people don't warn you about when you are having a baby:)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Picture Tag

I got tagged by my Sister Kristi. You are supposed to go to the 4th photo file you have and then to the 4th picture and post it. This is the 4th file we had on our computer it happened to be my husbands Sean's file. This is the fourth picture. It is one he took while he was in the fire academy for Rural Metro Fire in Arizona.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Trip to Urgent Care

The other day I woke up got ready for the day and left to run some errands. Keilei & I were at Walmart getting a couple things and headed to the check out when all a sudden I couldn't see straight. My vision was all blurry. By the time I checked out and drove home I walked in the door I put Keilei down crouched on the floor and started bawling. My Head hurt SO bad.
Anyone that has had a horrible migraine knows that blurry vision is how they start. Well at least mine do. I will be feeling fine then out of the blue bang it kills. Like night & day the only warning I have is my vision. Once that happens I have about 15mins give or take till I feel like I'm going to die. Then lately (in the last year) when I get one like that about a half hour after the vision thing and my head starts to kill my left hand and side of my face go numb for about a half hour. It feel so weird and I'm always afraid it is going to stay that was, luckily it doesn't.
I immediately took TWO percocets, got my icepack, in PJ's and went to bed crying. Luckily Sean was home to watch Keilei. I pretty much laid there bawling for the next few hours trying to go to sleep with no luck. The only thing that help me relax and stop crying was Sean would scratch my back. But he couldn't sit there and do that forever.
So we called my mom to come take Keilei so we could go to the Urgent care, to get a shot of pain killer, because I don't have a Doctor or should I say DoctorS yet. My brother came over and helped Sean give me a blessing and Mom took Keilei and of to the doc we went. I sound like a wuss but I was seriously bawling the whole time. The dr. I saw was really nice gave me a shot right away and also referred me to one of the 2 neurologists in town(I thought that was funny there was like 6 neurologists in the office that I went to in AZ, there is only 2 in the whole valley)
Well within 15mins I started feeling better, or should I say hurting less. We went home and I went straight to bed where I stayed the rest of the day and night.
The next day I felt much better but have been dealing with smaller but still painful headaches all week. Sean & I thought is was a funny coincidence that the night before this happened we had talked about how much better my head has been doing and that I hadn't had a bad one for awhile, then the next day it is horrible. That is the second time that has happened. So we decided that we aren't going to verbalize our gratitude for me feeling better anymore, we will just do it silently in our prayers. :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

5th Tooth

Keilei got her 5th tooth yesterday. It is her top front one on her right. The one on her left won't be far behind.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Funny Story

I put Keilei on the ground while I cleaned off her high chair after feeding her. She crawled in the kitchen and I walked in just in time to see her put something in her mouth. I figured it was left over from what she was just eating, she sometimes keeps some in her hand. I picked her up and took her to the sink to wash her hands. Just as we got to the sink I saw something fall out of her mouth into the sink I looked down and to my surprise saw a lady bug!!! It was kind of fluttering it's wings but was still alive and seemed to be fine. It was gross but I couldn't help but laugh:)

Then the thought came to me what if it had been a spider or an earwig!?! Both of which we happen to have a lot of. It has gotten better since we sprayed but that was a fear of mine when we had a lot of then. Now I know it can really happen.
Even still what happened makes me laugh.
P.S. I took the lady bug outside after, I figured it could use a break after that close call:)