Friday, October 31, 2008


Sean had to work so we spend most of the day at Grandma's. We went over there at noon.
Keilei was dressed as an angel this morning then I changed her to her Dragon costume which is warmer. Come to find out I didn't need to even change her, it was SO warm. It was like an Arizona Halloween. That NEVER happens here, ever.
Old downtown Main Street and Center St., which I have to drive past to go to my Mom's, was flooded with kids trick or treating the shops. It was like a scene out of a movie. The old store fronts, kids all over w/ their parents, and fall leaves half on the trees and half on the ground. I felt like I was in Hocus Pocus, my favorite Halloween movie. I should have taken a picture so you could all see what I'm talking about. Guess you'll have to wait tell next year. It kinda made me sad to because Sean was gone and was Keilei is too young to go trick or treating. I am really excited to take her next year. I am so glad the stores do that, it is from 10-5.
We went to go to Carolyn's ward trunk or treat which went from 4-6 but we were too late, they ended almost an hour early. So we went back to Gma's. We went to a couple of close friends to "trick or treat", it was more to say Hi.
That is Keilei taking off into her house. It was so funny. This is Karren Steele. She was my 2nd grade teacher, YW leader, & neighbor. If I had a second mom she would be it. So she didn't mind Keilei's intrusion

Jaxon didn't know what to make of Keilei in her costume:)
As I was driving up to our house at night I noticed I forgot to turn off the Halloween lights when I left. I was hoping we didn't get "tricked" because of it. So I start to pull in the drive way and notice there is some thing in the way. I get out to move it and notice that it is one of our pumpkins smashed in our driveway. I moved it pulled the car in and got Keilei. As I walked up to the house I noticed that the decorations on half of our porch are pulled down! I was SO MAD. I Love Halloween and it is stupid teenager like that, that shouldn't even be trick or treating anyway, that give it a bad name. AWRRR.

Look Alike?

My mom made this outfit for me when i was little. (Top)I am on the right and my Mom's friend Ray Ellen's daughter Lacy is on the left in a matching outfit. I tried it on Keilei, the outfit is still in amazing condition after all this time, right before the weather got to cold cause I'm not sure if it will fit her next year. I wanted to compare the too pictures. Well what do you think? Do we look alike?

Ball Pit

Keilei's Ball Pit

I bought these balls at a garage sale for 2 bucks brought them home and sanitized them. Then found out the tent thing that went with it was broken so I got some of our old moving boxes and made a hut for them. I knew she wouldn't enjoy it as much as she would if she was older but we also had a Halloween party coming up and I thought the 2 year olds would like it.
Keilei did enjoy watching mom and dad throw then at each other though:)
You can't really see but Sean is laying in the box

This is what we do on a Sunday afternoon, after church:)

Sean's idea...ball boobies, just incase you were wondering what babies would loook like with knockers


Sorry I can't rotate this, or I'm just not smart enough to:) I love how she just bends her one knee at first it is so cute. She loved the Halloween stuffed thingys.

Halloween Party

MY Favorite Holiday:)

Our Guests
Geoff & Desi, Mikey
as Knight, His Lady, Lion

Riley & Melissa, Bella
as Da Bears

Carolyn & Jordan, Will
as Athens toga lady, Cowboy, & Pirate
as Liz (though she did put on Keilei's witch hat for a second

Cassie & Ryan, Connor
as Hunter, Huntress & and a little firefighter
Cassie also told me she is 4months pergo Congrats

Brody & Sara
as Cowboy & Indian...check out her moccasins aren't they so cute

Sean & Jana, Keilei
as Grim Reaper & Witches

Decorations & Food

I made invites for the first time ever, I thought they turned out ok.
Here is some of the food and decorations

We had why to much food but I had a lot of fun making all the Halloween desserts. There was eye balls, bat pumpkin & ghost rice krispies, dirt(choc. pudding)cups, sugar cookies to decorate, and pumpkin cake.

They all loved playing in the ball pit
These happened in order... Keilei loved Mikey's tail, but Mickey was not having it and took it back:)
Playing the "Candy Game" where you have tons or candy from big ones like a pack of oreos to little ones like a sucker. You put all in a pile in the middle and you take turns rolling the dice. If you get a 7, 11, or double (if doubles you get to roll again) you get to pick something out of the middle or you can steal from someone else. You hide they stuff you have and if someone tries to steal something from you that you don't have then they have to give you something. Once the candy in the middle is gone then you go around the circle 2 more times and you just steal from each other.
isn't he the cutest little firefighter riding around on our fire truck, this is a better pic of Will in his pirate stuff
Keilei's little cape I made her looked so cool when she crawled around. Isn't she cute!!! She wouldn't wear the cape hat or a witch hat she kept taking it off.
This is the witch costume I made, it has really long triangle sleeves that go on it but they are a pain when you have a baby to take care of and a party to host.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Teeth, Fevers & Cuddling...Oh my

Keilei's fever got to 103 today:( That is the highest it has ever been. My poor baby is getting 3 teeth in at once. She has been cuddly all day and slept a lot. She also hasn't wanted to eat much. I feel so bad for her. But I love that I just got to hold her a few times today and she just laid there on my shoulder. She fell asleep once in my arms and I just held her and stared at her overwhelmed with how much I love her. And how I would be devastated if anything happened to her. I am so grateful and blessed to have such a miracle!

Sean & I went to the temple this afternoon. Kayla came over and watched Keilei. It was the first time that Sean & I have been to the Logan Temple together since our wedding. I had a rush of memories. And again felt so blessed and grateful to be married to Sean. He is amazing and I love him so much.

Then at 6:30 was YW. I almost didn't go cause I was worried about Keilei. But I am glad I went. We went to an old YW leaders house and made spooky treats. They were AWESOME. there was fingers pretzels, mummies Twinkies, spider cupcakes, eyeball doughnut holes!!! I got to get to know the girls a little better too it was really fun I had a good time.
This is what the spider cupcakes look like after Keilei picked at it.
The finger is half of a pretzel rod, finger nail is an almond slice, the dough is equal parts peanut butter & margarine and then powder sugar till right thickness and texture.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tag About Sean

My awesome Sis in law tagged me. Call me crazy but I love doing these things, so here it goes.

Husband Tag

What is his name? Sean Weston Lowe
Who eats more? Probably me
Who said "I love you " first? Sean did:) I've learned not to say it first so I was waiting for him, I would have said it a week before he did.
Who is taller? Sean
Who is smarter? Definitely Sean
Who is more sensitive? That would totally be me, except when I am sick then he is.
Who does the laundry? Me
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed(when looking at it)? Sean
Who pays the bills? Sean, But I do want to take over that sometime.
Who cooks more? My wonderful husband! I like to bake, He cooks.
Who is more stubborn? I would say him, but he might say me.
Who is the first to admit they are wrong? I do, even when I'm not, I don't like tension
Who has more siblings? I do by a land 12 to his 3
Who wears the pants in the family? ?Sean, except if it has to do with our home then me
What do you like to do together? Go up the canyon, travel, SPOON
Who eats more sweets? That depends. When it comes to candy, soda, ice cream-Sean But brownies, donuts, any baked goods that would be me.
Guilty pleasures? Laying on his butt doing nothing, buying lots of bikes
How did you meet? On our Mission...yes yes it was at district study:)
Who asked whom out first? it was kinda mutual, I guess him he had tickets for us to go to General Conference
Who kissed who first? Well he tried first, I shot him down, in my defence it was 3 days after I got home off my mission. Then later it was me who kissed him, I had the feeling he was never going to try again he told me later that it's true he wouldn't have tried again.
Who proposed? Sean did on a fire truck
His best features & qualities? His eyes!!! and his hair. His knowledge of the Book of Mormon and how adventurous he is outdoors are the 2 things that attracted me to him. I love how I don't have to make/ask him go to church, even if I can't go, he is there every week he can for all 3 hours. And his stength and testimony in the gospel. He was also AMAZING at taking care of me when I was sick, I couldn't imagine anyone being better. Also of course he is an amazing Dad to Keilei. He plays with her and takes her on walks and helps me with her.
Now I tag Cathy, Erica, Melissa, Mary, Makele