Friday, September 26, 2008


Saw this one a couple peoples blogs thought it was cute.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cute Keilei

The other day Keilei picked up something, I can't remember what it was, and stuck it in her mouth. Usually she is really good at spitting things out when you tell her to. I held my hand out and told her to spit it out but instead of spitting it out she stuck her tongue out at me! So I had to go fishing for it. It was the cutest little face though.
My sister Lori told me this story. She was on the phone with my brother Jeff and I guess Keilei was "talking" to him too. Lori got ready to hang up and told Keilei to say bye and she started waving to the phone:) My daughter is so cute.

Kayla's Senior Pictures

I can't believe my little Sis is a Senior!!!

Powder Puff Game

So Logan High has a powder puff game, durning the week before the homecoming game, which was yesterday. Just for those who don't know Powder Puff is a football game with all senior girls, the varsity boys team are the coaches, and it is flag football. But a couple girls still went down:)
My little sister Kayla played in the game! She was #3. There was also a parade before hand. Kayla was so excited. I was afraid she was going to hurt someone, she can be pretty feisty when so it playing sports. She did a little fight club boxing match and she laid out the other girl.
So we went to her game although we didn't get to stay for the whole thing, we had to go and put Keilei to bed. She got to play quite a bit. Logan High colors are crimson & gold, she was on the gold team. I guess after we left she missed a pass, I guess she was pretty mad about it. Unfortunately her team lost, shut out 24-0. It was still fun to watch.
Kayla on the float, in the middle standing w/shorts on
Kayla is #3 "Hoover"
In a the huddle, she the one sticking her butt out.
Kayla chewing out the coach:)

Sean, Keilei, Lori, Jeff
Kayla waving to Keilei
Keilei playing with Lori on the bleachers. Sean & Keilei before the game.
This is Kayla & Shelly...She is one of my best friends, Missy, little sister. Yea opposing teams

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


One of my best friends Desi McGee found out not to long ago that although she was only 27 she had breast cancer. It was quiet a blow to all those who are near and dear to her. I can't even imagine the toll it took on her and her family when they found out.

But if anyone knows Desi they know she is strong willed and very determined! It seems that she found out this horrible news let it sink in a couple days and then picked it up and ran with it. She is such an inspiration to all those that come in contact with her. She has this trial in her life and yet doesn't skip a beat when it comes to her fierce love for the gospel and those close to her. I count myself lucky, no blessed, to have her as a close friend. I know Heavenly Father will see her through this and I know she knows the same.
She of course has gone though lots of doctor appointments, surgeries, stress, & recently radiation. She had to get radiation every morning for weeks and weeks. I was blessed to drive her to her Wednesday appointments. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to help her out and have an excuse to see her regularly every week. Last Tuesday was her last day of radiation! As a celebration her wonderful husband threw a surprise BBQ party on Saturday for her. He invited friends, family, neighbors,ward members, people that have helped her through this, etc. I was so glad I could be there to congratulate her and show my support. It was a lot of good company, fun, & of course good food.
Jackie Stans, Desi, & Me
Some of Desi's family
Tracy, Desi, Desi's Mom, Toni, Toni's daughter

Wedding & a BBQ

Sean cousin Hilary got married on Friday in the Bountiful temple. We drove down to say hi and visit with family while we waited for the couple to come out of the temple. Keilei was happy to get out of the car and crawl around and see Grandma, Ryan, & Nichole. After that they headed off to Vernal for the reception and we headed to Salt Lake to see some of my siblings. We went to my brothers Jeff and Sam's place but they were both gone so we went to Nate's house, 1/4 mile away, and visited with Micaela and let Keilei play with Lily. We then went to my brother Sam's tattoo shop, Mutiny Tattoo he and a partner are just opening in down town Salt Lake City, to say hi to him. Some time in all this we made a trip to Costco and spent way too much money. After that we went to spend some time with Sean's Captain, Ryan Francin and his family at a elementary school carnival. Then we had a BBQ with Sean's whole crew and their families at the captains house. It was really fun they are all really sweet I enjoyed getting to know them a little better. All the kids were great with Keilei, old and young ones!
The happy couple
Keilei happy she is out of her car seat

Keilei having fun with Grandma & Uncle Ryan
Aren't these two pics So cute.
Me and my baby
Keilei giving Daddy kisses...awe so sweet!
I saw this & just had to take a picture Eric holding the bouquet
The family, his & hers
Playing with toys at the BBQ, Giving kisses to our Joseph Smith picture
And this one is just here because I thought it was so cute.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Wow where to start... We drove to Arizona on Tuesday last to go to Sean's grandmas funeral and drove back this Tuesday. As we left the leaves were just starting to change. I can't wait till they are all colored!!!
The drive down took us 12 hrs 45mins Keilei did pretty good except the first two hours. We arrived in Arizona at Sean's brother Ryan's house around midnight. While we where there Sean went to visit his old fire crew, we went out to eat with a bunch of friends, hung out with family, had some family pics taken & went to the funeral of course.
Grandma had an amazing life with so much family and so strong in the church. I know the circumstances where sad but it was great to see all the family. The day of the funeral happened to also be Mom Lowe's birthday so that night we had a get together with all the family. I can't imagine what that would be like but she was a trooper. I am so glad we were able to be there for her birthday. All of her kids where there that was a great thing to have on your Birthday. All of Sean's family are so great I love them all. They are all different,different from each other not odd different:) but all so sweet. They are also all active in the church which is something that puts me in awe and am grateful for. That doesn't happen much. It was really fun.

We stayed at Ryan & Nichole's house but it should be called an Inn. They had an extra 12 adults and 5 kids(I think)... Parker & Aria, Corey & Brenda, Shar & Eric, Ron & Anita, Lindsay, & Hillary. Yeah they had a house full! Thank you so much to them for putting us up for the week. Keilei loved it being able to play with Kate, Tyler, and all the other kids.
The trip home seemed like it would never end it took us like 14 hrs. We where all tired of being stuck in a car.
There was so much that happened in the last week I know I am forgetting a bunch. Here are some picture to recap the week...

Leaves changing in Sardine Canyon

Picture day. Xanen, Isabel, Kate, Tyler, & Keilei

Kate, Isabel, Xanen, Tyler, & Keilei
Aren't they So cute

Kate, Me, & Keilei- they both wanted to be held:) not that I mind

Who needs toys

Brayden, Brooke & Brenna(not neccassarily in that order:) sorry Melissa I can't tell them apart) Keilei

Eating out with friends: Kevin & Melissa w/Brooke & Brenna, Sean & I w/Keilei, Jeremy & Cathy w/Brayden, JC & Erica (w/Mikaela still cooking), Kurt & Michelle w/Duncan, I can't remember his name sorry, Ty & Makele.

Keilei giving Grampa Lowe loves! As soon as she heard the camera turn on she looked up at me.

Grandma Lowe's Birthday
Playing Skousen Rumey until midnight the night before we left. Sean won, of course, I have never seen him lose except to Grandma. But to give credit to Nichole he only won by 10 points.
Sean with the two cutest baby girls ever
This is the ffirst thing Keilei did the morning after we got there. I was watching Kate and she was really quiet so I went to check on her and she was rocking herself in the rocking chair. They are both soo cute.
You can't really tell but she had over 15 ant bits on her arm and hand, from playing in the grass, I felt so bad. It didn't seem to bother her though and now they are pretty much gone.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sad News

We got the sad news that Seans's Grandma passed away on Tuesday. She was 89 years old and a very nice lady. Sean went down to Nephi to see her and say good bye. When she passed she had all of her children present.
We arranged our schedule packed and headed to Arizona. We had planned on coming to AZ in November but plans change. We are staying at Sean's brother Ryan's. Thank You so much to them!We are going to be here till Tuesday when we head back up to Utah again. We came in sad circumstances but are glad we get to visit with friends and family. Especially me since I didn't get to say good bye when I left.
I have other sad news, for me at least, Sean talked our land lady into letting us have the dog, Titus, in the house with us. He has been in AZ with Sean's mom. Sean is excited and I am dreading it. It is a long story I love animals but Titus and I don't mesh. He pees on me all the time and on the floor every time I pet him. I can't explain how annoying that is.
Anyway we are trying to figure out arrangements for him and I am sure I will write more about it later right now I need to keep it short.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


These are a couple cute videos of Keilei sticking out her tounge and making noises. The picture is of us at Peach Days in Brigham City. I went with Carolyn her son Will, her sister Liz, and my sister Kayla & Keilei. It was way to crowded hot and not that impressive so we didn't stay very long.

Some more Smores

So on Thursday we went up the canyon to make smores again, this time with friends. We told everyone we had all the goods all they had to do was show up. We said we would be up there at 6 so we where. Most weren't sure they could come. Desi came up and told us that Mickey had fallen asleep so she had to go home and put him to bed. I'm so glad she came to tell us, Thank you. Sara got off work at 6 and was bringing drinks so we knew she was going to be a little late. So we waited & waited and still no one. So we did smores by our selves. Keilei did so good up there. All she wanted to do is play in the dirt. Sean didn't like that too much cause she was getting dirty. She only went toward the fire ring once which really suprised me. Then around 7:30 Sara & Brody showed up so we chilled with them for a while but by 8 Keilei was getting pretty fussy so we had to go home.

I know most friends all had things to do but this is when Sean & I could both go and we gave them a couple days notice....This is why I don't thow parties. Why I'm not a good hostess, if I go though effort I like it to be appriciated or at least for people to show up. Sean was pretty peaved and he said he missed his friends. Poor guy I feel for him I miss "his" friends too. This wasn't the first time he met my friends but still it wasn't a very good impression. My friends are a lot of fun and I love them we have been though a lot together. I just wish Thursday would have went better. For Sean's sake more then my own. I just realized this is kinda a downer they are really great I promise. And we did have fun with Sara and her Hubby.

This is a video of Keilei scooting in a circle on her butt, It is so cute. Sometimes she just does it over & over again..round and round in a circl. Other times it is just to turn around.