Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pacifiers, Bike shop, & Baby

I came home from running an errand and this is how I found Sean & Keilei, except Sean was asleep as well. She out and about to fall off the couch but it was so cute.
She is getting really good at mimicking people lately. She will click her tongue and stick out her tongue, etc. Last night she was trying to blow spit bubbles it was funny. I think she is going to start teething again soon. She has been sticking out her tongue a lot, and she does it like she is feeling her gums or teeth, and she is drooling again more often too.
Keilei has also taken up sucking on a pacifier recently. She's been crawling around with it for the last couple days. There has always been one in her toy box because she plays with it and chews on it but about 4 days ago she found it and played with it for over an hour and then started sucking on it. She had it with her all day. Now she sucks on pacifiers...weird baby. We are making sure she doesn't get to attached I don't want to worry about that whole drama.
We have been really good. We are still trying to get odds and ends unpacked and organized. I honestly don't know how we fit all our crap in our old little place. Sean got a part time job at Joy Ride a bike shop in Logan. It is owned by the Kory. Sean knew him previously he took our wedding pictures 3 years ago. I think he used to live in AZ. So Sean is happy about that. We thought he would have to wait until spring to get on at a bike shop cause it is coming up on the slow season up here.
Next is the best news of all! Beka, my sister in law(Brandon's wife), is PREGO!!! I am so excited for her. She is going to be a great mom. Their baby is going to have the coolest, craftiest, hip stuff ever, Beka is so good at that stuff. She is also great at taking pictures so I can't wait to see the ones she will take of her little one, you know once the baby gets here. She is due in April I believe if I heard right & remember correctly. Congrats Beka & Brandon!