Monday, August 25, 2008

Official Firefighter

We had Desi, Geoff,& Mickey over for dinner last night. Sean cooked ribs it was really good. He did a good job especially since it was his first time. We had a lot of fun I'm glad they live up the block from us.
Sean was sworn in at South Davis Metro Fire this last Monday. Keilei & I drove down for it. It was fun meeting all the people that Sean works with. They were all exceptionally nice. Although I must admit I'm not 100 percent comfortable with the fact that Sean's partner is a girl, knowing that 10 days a month Sean is another women 24/7. She seemed really nice, it's just my own stupid insecurities.
The little ceremony was nice I got to pin his badge on him, meet his crew, and his captains wife and family. I'm glad he is working with such great people. He loves it too and I can't ask more then that. He has even been talking about staying on there forever and not even trying for the Logan department. But as of right now that is just an idea.


Jake, Holly and McKenzie said...

Jake had a female partner too for a few months and I hated it, but trust Sean and know it will be ok! good luck! congrats Sean for getting on the FD in UTAH! your baby girl is soo adorable ps.