Monday, August 4, 2008

Moving and such

Our beautiful baby "Kiwi"

We moved all our stuff into the house, now it is just unpacking time. :( We are still staying at my moms until we get the basics unpacked, it's just easier. Though it doesn' t give me the motivation to unpack in a hurry cause I'm comfortable at my mom's. My nephews Nick ,Matt, Connor, & Paulo helped us unload the truck. We pulled right up to the front door and pulled the ramp right onto the porch which made it pretty easy. Kayla & Lori helped watch Keilei and we got them all Pizza after to say thanks. We got it unloaded in around an hour or so. Now to the bad part of arranging things. It is hard in a old how cause the vents and plugs are in weird places and the floor is uneven, etc. It is definetly different doing it with a crawling baby that is for sure.

Sean showed everyone how to ride the high wheeler on sunday, the boys loved it. The heighborhood boys where gawking too.

This is just a picture of Keilei bugs that I thought was so cute!


Nichole Lowe said...

I am glad to see that Sean made it up OK. Make sure to take pics once you get everything unpacked so we can see what it looks like with furniture.

LaMar & Donna Davis said...

What the heck?? I didn't know you guys moved!!! I am so happy for you guys! Aunt Donna