Sunday, August 31, 2008


Sean's mom was in town Saturday and spent the night with us and went back to Salt Lake Sunday. She was in Utah for a baptism. We had fun with her. We went out to eat and went shopping. She bought Keilei some winter cloths and some toys, for her birthday/Christmas since she won't be here...which she really didn't need to do but Thank you! Grandma played with Keilei outside and gave her a bath after she exploded everywhere.
Here are some pictures with Keilei and her grandmas.Keilei does this shoulder lift that is so cute the second pic is the only picture I've been able to get of her doing it.

This is Keilei playing with my mom, Grandma Lofland, in the ditch out in front of my parents house. She had a lot of fun. I was surprised she even put her feet in it, it is freezing cold water.

This is Liz Butler one of my good friends. She came over to visit and see our place. We talked and got all caught up since we haven't seen each other in awhile.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pacifiers, Bike shop, & Baby

I came home from running an errand and this is how I found Sean & Keilei, except Sean was asleep as well. She out and about to fall off the couch but it was so cute.
She is getting really good at mimicking people lately. She will click her tongue and stick out her tongue, etc. Last night she was trying to blow spit bubbles it was funny. I think she is going to start teething again soon. She has been sticking out her tongue a lot, and she does it like she is feeling her gums or teeth, and she is drooling again more often too.
Keilei has also taken up sucking on a pacifier recently. She's been crawling around with it for the last couple days. There has always been one in her toy box because she plays with it and chews on it but about 4 days ago she found it and played with it for over an hour and then started sucking on it. She had it with her all day. Now she sucks on pacifiers...weird baby. We are making sure she doesn't get to attached I don't want to worry about that whole drama.
We have been really good. We are still trying to get odds and ends unpacked and organized. I honestly don't know how we fit all our crap in our old little place. Sean got a part time job at Joy Ride a bike shop in Logan. It is owned by the Kory. Sean knew him previously he took our wedding pictures 3 years ago. I think he used to live in AZ. So Sean is happy about that. We thought he would have to wait until spring to get on at a bike shop cause it is coming up on the slow season up here.
Next is the best news of all! Beka, my sister in law(Brandon's wife), is PREGO!!! I am so excited for her. She is going to be a great mom. Their baby is going to have the coolest, craftiest, hip stuff ever, Beka is so good at that stuff. She is also great at taking pictures so I can't wait to see the ones she will take of her little one, you know once the baby gets here. She is due in April I believe if I heard right & remember correctly. Congrats Beka & Brandon!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Official Firefighter

We had Desi, Geoff,& Mickey over for dinner last night. Sean cooked ribs it was really good. He did a good job especially since it was his first time. We had a lot of fun I'm glad they live up the block from us.
Sean was sworn in at South Davis Metro Fire this last Monday. Keilei & I drove down for it. It was fun meeting all the people that Sean works with. They were all exceptionally nice. Although I must admit I'm not 100 percent comfortable with the fact that Sean's partner is a girl, knowing that 10 days a month Sean is another women 24/7. She seemed really nice, it's just my own stupid insecurities.
The little ceremony was nice I got to pin his badge on him, meet his crew, and his captains wife and family. I'm glad he is working with such great people. He loves it too and I can't ask more then that. He has even been talking about staying on there forever and not even trying for the Logan department. But as of right now that is just an idea.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nothing Much

We haven't really been up to much except for unpacking. It is coming along. Sean & I went to The Dark Knight last night, while my mom babysat, it was awesome. It was way better then I thought it was going to be. I liked it a lot. Kayla also watched her in the afternoon so Sean & I could run to the hardware store and run a couple errands. We stopped by Costa Vita and picked up lunch for Kayla & us. Man I love that place. Then today we went to Formosa, a Chinese food place, for lunch today. It is good food. Yeah we have been eating out a lot since our kitchen is a mess. I just finished it today.

Monday, August 11, 2008

8 Months Old

Keilei was 8 months old on the 10th! She is getting so big. A couple things I forgot to post this last week ... Keilei got sick. It was going around all the little kids. Her fever got up to 102, with me giving her Tylenol. She wanted to be held constantly and she would just lay in my lap and not move at all, she wouldn't crawl either, you could tell she was sick.So I took her in to the doctor. They checked for strep and a bladder infection, she had to get a catheter:( poor thing I felt so bad, but she didn't have either so they said to just keep an eye on her. The next day the fever was gone and she slept a lot then after that she was back to normal.
We moved into our house and the first night we slept there Keilei crawled up the 4 steps from our dining room to our living room, with a toy in her hand!! It was the first time she had tried. She is starting to mimic people like if you click your tongue she will click hers etc. She is getting really good at it. She also learned two days ago how to give high fives. Sean taught her that one. I know there is more I wanted to post but of course now I can't remember.
Sean LOVEs his job he is really having a good time. He likes how the department is run, the people he works with, the buildings , the area, basically everything! Which is great I am so glad he is happy.
And of course I'm happy. One bonus is that I live a block and a half(which in Logan is less then 1/4mile) from one of my really good friends Desi! But we are in different wards...only in Utah! I also live a mile from my parents and another good friend, so I'm excited.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Once again we have no great plans for our anniversary...Sean is working:( He will be home Thursday night and then we are planning on going to the Logan fair. Then on Friday we are going to Bear Lake for Raspberry days, which should be fun.
I just wanted to let him know how much I love him and how much he means to me. He is an amazing husband and has helped me though a lot. He has so much patience I wish i could be more like him.

Things I love about Sean, in no particular order...
1-The way he teases me...which he says he does because my brothers aren't around, I guess that excuse deosn't work any more.
2-If I touch his neck he takes his hat off and tilts his head toward me expecting me to play with his hair
3-He is such a strong dedicated worker
4-How he would bring me a pack of purple skittles when he went to water & ice
5-When we go to a restaurant he lets me order what I want even though we are sharing it
6-When he reaches for my hand, to hold, when we are in public(does't happen that often)
7-When he will hug or kisses me in public without flinching(also doesn't happen that often:)
8-He always gets me a drink of water when I'm thirsty..which is ALL the time
9-He burns my movies for me
10-He loves to drive
11- His testimony
12-How he cares about his family
13-He doesn't swear or watch R rated movies
15-He is adventerous
16-He loves the Book Of Mormon
17-He does the dishes :)!
18-He volunteers for things in church and goes to the activities with me
19-He is an AWESOME father
20-He loves me!!!
I could go on but you get the gist.
I love you Sean! I am so glad I get to spent eternity with you. I am so blessed.

My cup runneth over!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008


I was tagged by my awesome sister in law Nichole so here it goes...
i am: a nature lover
i know: the LDS church is true
i want: to be healthy
i have: lots of dreams
i wish: I was with Sean, and all unpacked
i hate: clutter
i miss: my Arizona people
i fear: not being prepared, especially food storage
i feel: hungry
i smell: mustiness(I'm in front of the swamp cooler)
i crave: Serrano's
i search:for great deals to save money
i wonder: how many kids we are going to have & if I will ever make it to Scotland
i regret: breaking commandments, even the little ones
i love: my family, the mountains, & the church(not in that order)
i care: about the environment
i always:want to be tight w/my friends & family
i am not: a fake, what you see is what you get
i believe: in God
i dance: with anyone but my husband, he won't dance w/ me:(
i sing: off key
i don't always: feel like getting up in the morning
i fight: for what I love & believe
i write:on my blog
i loose: self control when it comes to food
i win: at Sean won't play with me
i never: want to be hot or where it is hot
i listen: to anyone that needs an ear
i am scared: of Keilei being 16
i need: to be unpacking right now, it's hard with a crawling baby
i am happy about:my life, my marriage, my daughter

I tag Melissa, Cathy, & Mary

Pictures, pictures, pictures

So I just thought I would tell everyone that I am basically using this as my journal and since i am so behind on scrap booking it is kinda taking it's place too. Not completely but that is why there are always so many pictures on here it is just easier to post them then at least I know I have them in some kind of collection. Just so you all know I'm a picture freak so if you get sick of them I'm sorry.

Moving and such

Our beautiful baby "Kiwi"

We moved all our stuff into the house, now it is just unpacking time. :( We are still staying at my moms until we get the basics unpacked, it's just easier. Though it doesn' t give me the motivation to unpack in a hurry cause I'm comfortable at my mom's. My nephews Nick ,Matt, Connor, & Paulo helped us unload the truck. We pulled right up to the front door and pulled the ramp right onto the porch which made it pretty easy. Kayla & Lori helped watch Keilei and we got them all Pizza after to say thanks. We got it unloaded in around an hour or so. Now to the bad part of arranging things. It is hard in a old how cause the vents and plugs are in weird places and the floor is uneven, etc. It is definetly different doing it with a crawling baby that is for sure.

Sean showed everyone how to ride the high wheeler on sunday, the boys loved it. The heighborhood boys where gawking too.

This is just a picture of Keilei bugs that I thought was so cute!