Tuesday, July 8, 2008

MTV Cribs- Tag

I have been tagged to do an MTV Cribs normal person style. I love this kinda stuff I'm so glad I got tagged:) But I happen to be living with my parents in Logan, UT for the summer so it will have to be their house for now so it's Lofland/Lowe. When I get back to AZ I will do it Lowe style with our house.

What are your favorite shoes:

You might only see me wear the boots & shoes 2 months out of the year in AZ since it is too hot. The chacos are my #1 you can wear them for almost anything and they are great for travel & camping. I got them half price because I bought them through Anasazi when I worked there. The flip flops I stole from my little sis so they were free! The converses took me forever to find. I've wanted a pair of these forever but a color that would go with everything and be cheap. Patience paid off I got them at Ross for $12. The boots were only $5 and they are all really comfy which is 1st priority to me. When I find something I like I keep them till they fall apart cause I hate shoe shopping.

What are the kids doing:

She is hanging out with her Aunt Kayla. If I didn't feed her she would wonder who her mom is. If she isn't with me she is with her and often with us both. Kayla is her "Godmother" or she would be if we were Catholic.

What is in your closet:

The typical cloths, shoes, belts, & bags

What is in the Kitchen:

This is it, my parents house is over 100 yrs old and they haven't gotten to remodeling the kitchen yet. But the whole house has 9ft ceiling which is nice.

What is in the fridge:

Lots of stuff, yet I still find myself looking in it and finding nothing to eat. This is just one of the two fridges she has. It's a most with this many people...21 this week.

What is in the pantry:


food...and wait more food. Yeah it's like a mini store in the cellar, once again it's a most with lots of people

What is in the living room:

lets see my dad, sister, & 4 nephews(a little one is standing by me). There is always someone in here along with toys laundry and someone usually sleeps here too.

What is your favorite room:

This is mine & Keilei's room for the summer. It's one of the quietest places in the house and a safe haven to escape the madness. There is my bed, Keilei's crib, a vanity(the bathroom is chaotic) my scrap booking stuff...

this is the other side of the bedroom...TV, closet, changing table.

What is in the guest bathroom:

well here is a shocker there is no guest bathroom, there is only one in the house. Yes that is right just 1!(with 21 people) I'm amazed I found it empty. You can't see it but by the shelves is the toilet and laundry shoot. Those shelves are usually loaded with towels but with all the people at the moment they are gone. oh and yeah there is no bath tub, I never had one growing up, hence the next picture. This is another room on the remodel list, it's been on it for like 10 yrs:)

What is in the sink:

She isn't in it right now, it is most likely piled high with dirty dishes, but I thought this was a way better picture. And she is in it a lot.

What is your favorite accent or decoration:

this is my favorite at the moment because my husband is gone. And I have always loved the picture of Jesus that my mom has.

Now completing my task I pass it. Tagging: Beka, Melissa J., Cathy D. and Nichole


M&M said...

This was fun to see... I can't wait to see your AZ one... Aren't you guys looking for a place in UT? Any luck? Will you even be coming back down to AZ?