Saturday, July 5, 2008

More 4th of July

On the 3rd Nate, Micaela, Lily, Todd, Jeff, Sam & I went to the cemetery to Spencer's grave and watched the fireworks. A cop tried to kick us out, just like every year, but we are an obstinate group of people and stayed till the end of the fireworks. The weather was so nice. It is great it was hot all day but at night it cools down and is perfect.

It was funny I washed my car on the front lawn at around noon and everyone in my family said I was crazy for doing it in the heat. I didn't think it was that bad especially since half of the car was in the shade. I thought it was funny they were making such a big fuss about how HOT it was.
While we were at the fireworks I got to play with my niece Lily she is 2 now and sooo cute. She wouldn't sit with her mom or dad, only with me, she has good taste:) I felt bad though cause Nate(her dad) was sitting next to me and she would push on him and say "away away" trying to get him to leave.

So on the actual 4th of July during the day Grandma put Keilei in tha pool she loves it as long as it isn't freezing water. We lit fireworks in our driveway and watched the neighbors huge ones that go up in the sky and explode(illegal in UT). The kids played with glow sticks, it was fun, Keilei liked it. When a loud popping ones went off she would shake and hug you but never cried.

These are all the cars at my house. (Durango-Kristi, van-Mom, Civic-Me, Echo-Dad, Alero-Nate, Ram-Sam, Lancer-Todd, Mazda-Jeff) the trailer we barrowed from a friend, Anita Hill, while we have all these people. My mom got so mad when one day she came home and there was a fire hydrant in the front yard. She was mad because it took away 2 parking spots right in front of our house. Most people wouldn't understand, but as you can see that is a real problem with our family.