Saturday, June 28, 2008


So Sean would be so proud, Keilei barfed all over me today. You are probably wondering why I'm posting this, Keilei is a baby, babies puck that is not new or special. Well I was blessed with a great baby that hardly ever barfs. I can go the whole day with out using a burp rag, more often then not, so I have no reservations about swinging her around or throwing her in the air. Well I was doing just that, lifting her in the air, when she barfed on me. It wasn't just a little..she pulled an Elora Danan in Willow when she barfs on Burglekutt except Keilei's was runny. It landed on my head and ran all down my face in my eyes & mouth went down my shirt and puddled in my lap. I screamed and my sister and nephews thought it was hilarious. I had to change my cloths and take a shower. I wish Sean had been here he would have loved it.

This is after I wiped off my face eyes & mouth

Thursday night late my brother called me to tell me that his cable guy knew Sean. My brothers Jeff a recent RM and Sam a tattoo artist just got a place together in Salt Lake area and they were getting their cable hooked up. The cable guy was doing what he does when he noticed a picture on Jeffs computer(of Sean Keilei & I) He said "Not to be intrusive but is that Sean?" Jeff answered inquisitively yeah. The guy continued and said is that Jana. Jeff even more puzzled answered yes and asked how he knew us. The cable guy said I served with them on the mission I was their Zone leader. Come to find out it was "Elder" Baxter. What a coincidence it is a small world or should I say it is a Mormon world.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

GoodBye Again

So Keilei & I took Sean to the airport today so he could go back to Arizona. He was up testing with South Davis. He had his practical test & interview today early this morning. He had really good things to say and it looks promising, even if he doesn't make the first cut. He said the more he finds out about the dept. the more he really wants the job. I guess we will see, we are suppose to find out in a couple days.

So on to our day Sean took the car and I had my brother Todd drive Keilei & I down to Brigham city and met Sean there. Then we went to Temple square and had a tour of the conference center then went to the Joseph Smith movie in the Joseph Smith Memorial center. The tour was too long for my liking but then again I had Keilei strapped to me. Then in the movie she was sitting on my lap and she ripped a big one. I nudged Sean and told him she just let a big one and jokingly said it felt like she pooped right on me. I left the movie to change her diaper. So i walked in the bathroom and saw in the mirror that I had poo ALL over me!! It didn't just feel like she pooed on me, she did. I changed her she had a tiny bit in her diaper and not a spot on her anywhere. Go figure! So I had to scrub it out of my shorts and shirt(I had a spare shirt, but no luck on the shorts). Fun stuff.

After that we went to the visitors center and the tabernacle then out to eat and then it was time to take Sean to the airport. It was so sad saying goodbye again. I miss him so much when we are not together. Sean would input right here that " Your such a girl" or say that I'm just needy. But if wanting to spend at least some part of everyday with the man that I love more then I ever thought I could love anyone makes me a "a girl" or 'needy" I think I'm ok with that. So it is goodbye till the end of July. That is soo long.

wow this is getting long but I forgot to post on Tues I had a colonoscopy:( If I NEVER have another one of those it will be too soon. The actually procedure your basically out for it's the prep that is "CRAPPY" pun pun pun. Well they didn' t find anything serious, I'll spare you the details. I'm suppose to get more details on Mon. So basically they found the reason for somethings and no reason for other problems I'm having. So it continues...go figure.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baby Teeth

These are the first pictures I've been able to get of Keilei's little teeth. She is getting so big. Her new favorite thing to do now is play with peoples hats. She loves it when you put them on her and then she takes it off. Then she just waits for you to put it back on. The 3rd is a video of her playing with Sean's hat.
Sean had his physical test with South Jordan today. He finished in the middle of the 9 people that applied. But he stayed after to help clean up and was asked to go to lunch with them and go on a call with them. Then they went to another station and met some more firemen. He had a really good day. Tomorrow is some more tests and his interview. So he is studying all day.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Today after church Kayla & I played with Keilei outside. We blew a bunch of bubbles for her. She liked it a lot and I took way to many pictures of her, here are a couple...

Since I have this site for journal purposes as well I should say that yesterday was awful. Keilei got up at 12 & at 2 she just needed her diaper changed and she went back to sleep. But when I woke up at 2 by head was pounding and it stayed that way ALL day long. It hurt so bad. Luckily Kayla didn't have any plans so she watched Keilei for me basically the whole day. I just feed her when she needed it other then that I was in bed drugged up & sleeping all day long. Today was better though at about 4 a headache returned but not as bad as last night. I have to say having a house full of noisy kids doesn't help much.

Friday, June 20, 2008

My Loud Baby Girl

This is Keilei being really loud. She sat there and did this for like a half hour. I think it was part because she was tired and part because she loves to hear her own voice. She also has a lot of kids to compete with for attention. But my family sure got a kick out of it. They thought she was so funny.

Keilei's Teething

Last night was a long night. I had to hold Keilei until she feel asleep then I would lay her down and she would wake up 10 mins later. I had to repeat the process three times. By the time she was asleep I could barely hold my eyes open, so I'm glad the third time worked cause I went to bed too. She has never done that before I think her teeth hurt. I hope it was a one and only time.

I took Keilei to the doctor yesterday. She has been rubbing her left ear for a few days, a lot, especially when I would feed her she wouldn't eat she would just rub her ear and fuss. So we waited an hour and 15 mins to see the doctor. Which frustrated me, I don''t mind waiting when it is an apt. for me, but with Keilei that is a long time. The Dr. said she didn't have an ear infection. He said teething can make your glands swell and she has some wax in the inside of her ear that might be bothering her, but you can't do anything about either. So I guess we just deal.
She was weighed at 18.2 pounds which means she has gained a pound since we got here.

My sister Kayla holding her dog Jackson like a baby. He was asleep in the living room and she came and picked him up to take him to bed with her.

Keilei with Uncle Bry(my oldest brother). She loves it when Bry is over, her face lights up when she sees him, he plays with her so much and takes her on walks.

Lori, Steel, Paulo, Lee, & Connor playing with Keilei.. can you say attention hog.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

They Have Arrived

So my sister Kristi, from Alaska, is here with her 5 boys. They are all so cute but it is a madhouse here. There will be soooo many people living here this summer. Lets count..

Lori +
I believe that is a grand total of 15
in a 5 bedroom house(counting my parents room)
with ONE bathroom!!!

There are other additions as well... My nephew Zhenja is over everday while his mother is in Russia for a while and his dad is at work.
Scotts kids are over here a lot Lee Paulo & Jessie(when she gets back from Germany) they are over all day and often spend the night.
and my nephew Keenan is here for like 3-10 day incraments.

So on a regular basis there will be 17+ of us in this house!!!!

Plus you can't forget about Jeff & Sam(brothers) that come up from SLC and spend a couple days. Or Mike and his family that come and visit, they have 6 kids.
Can you say crowded! But it is home, it's weird to me when there is only 5 of us at home. You'd have to grow up in a HUGE family to understand what I mean.
As far as I know Lori, Kristi, & I and our kids are all just here for the summer. Some of us will be here longer then others. Kristi will be in Logan for at least a year but only at my parents for the summer, till they find a place. Lori's kids will be here for only about a month. Keilei & I will be here till the end of August... If I make it that long.

1st picture is my sister Kayla holding Keilei at the pool yesterday. We only stayed about a hlf hour before Keilei started bawling & I had to take her home for a nap. Then I went back to the pool while my mom watched her.

2nd picture you can't tell very well but it is Keilei's thumb she has three little bite marks on it and you could see her two little teeth marks on all three. She would suck her thumb and bite it. They are gone today and she hasn't done it since. I guess three times a charm... she must have learned her lesson.

3rd is all the "babies" My brother Jeff & sister Kayla hold the dog Jackson like a baby. It's really funny. Kayla holds him on her hip just like a baby I'll have to get a pic of it.

4th is all the little kids playing with Keilei they are really good with her. There is Steel, Lily, & Reilly w/ Keilei.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Babysitting Nightmare

Keilei looks soo white compared to Will.

Keilei has both front teeth on the bottom in, well not all the way but though the skin. June 9th she had one then the next day that one was under the skin and the one next to it was up. The day after that they were both up and have stayed up. But she has been amazingly good.

Today was one of the longest days of my life. I watched my best friend Carolyn's baby while she was at work, 7:30am to 7:30pm. He is only a couple months older then Keilei. Carolyn if you read this no offense I love Will he is adorable but he is the fussiest baby I have ever met. He literally fussed the whole day unless he was napping or eating except for maybe a hours worth. You could not put him down. You had to hold him or have him on your lap even if you were on the floor playing with him. I didn't get anything done today.

I seriously would have lost my mind if I didn't have family home that helped me with Keilei(she is easier to handle/entertain) and with him when I had to feed Keilei. It was really funny the first time he started crying really loud it scared the crap out of Keilei and she started bawling but after that she was fine. The other life saver was they took there naps at opposite times. It was crazy. Will went down around 10 am and about 15 mins after he woke up Keilei went down. It literally went that way all day, for their 2 naps each, until about 4 or so. So for the majority of the time I only had to deal with one baby at a time, Thank Heaven!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sean Is Gone

So as you can tell by the title Sean went back to Arizona today:( I woke up around 7 went to a couple garage sales with my mom then came home. 8:30 we all went to my home ward breakfast thingy. It's been soo long it doesn't really feel like a "home"ward anymore. Then came home and got Sean packed. Then went to Logan Heroes sub shop for lunch. They have the best subs I really wanted Sean to try them. It is a tiny place and the owner knows everyone personally. Sean really liked them, he said he would rather pay 2 buck extra and eat there then at subway, which is saying a lot. I was so glad.

I then feed Keilei and Sean & I left for the SLC airport. It took me awhile to get home cause of construction. If we do move up here I will truly miss the roads in AZ. Here they are indescribably crappy... pot holes, uneven, different kinds of pavement, cracks, noise... you name it its on all the roads.

When I did get home Keilei was just getting up. I'm glad she was so good. It is my parents 47th annv. this week so when I got home they went out. Man time flies, next year my dad will be 70 and my mom 65. And in a couple years they will have there 50th annv!! that is so cool.

These are some pictures of Keilei & Sean when we went to the Summerfest. Next pic is construction right in front of our house, they had to fix our neighbors sewer, luckily it only took a couple days. The last is Sean playing with Keilei. They are so cute!!

We miss Sean already!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

6 Month Pics

Sean, Keilei & I went up Logan canyon and took some pictures to document Keilei being 6 months old. We didn't take as many pictures as I wanted cause it was pretty cold and I didn't want to keep Keilei out in the cold weather. But here are a few we took.

It is so green here cause it has rained all week. It has been so fun to have Sean here! We went to the summer fest this afternoon all three of us. We walked around the different boths looking at all the cool things and art. Then we went by the food and of course had to get Sean some cotton candy. We ran in to my cousin Tom, his wife, and son. Then we stopped by a bike shop on the way home.
Then Sean and I left Keilei with my mom and went out to eat at Costa Vida. Then went to Narnia: Prince Caspian. It was awesome Sean said he liked better then the first. I don't want it to be tomorrow because then I only have one day left with Sean.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Good Anticipation: Sean is coming to Logan today!!! I can't wait to see him. He probably won't get here till about midnight though. I don't know if I will be able to make it all summer without him. He is coming up for a while in July and Aug I hope that is enough to hold me over.

Bad Anticipation: I have to have a colonoscopy on the 24:( cause of the stomach issues I've been having. They just want rule out some serious stuff. This totally stinks I'm only 26! . But better to be safe then sorry, right?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Keilei's First Tooth

Keilei got her first tooth today and man did her attitude show it. She was acting totally normal in the morning. She was sucking on my finger and all of a sudden I felt something sharp. About a half an hour later when she finally let me look at her bottom gums sure enough she had a tooth poking out. Her tooth is on the bottom left. But you can tell the bottom right one is opening up too, so it won't be far behind I'm, guessing.

She must of been hurting because by the afternoon she got really fussy. For the whole rest of the day she had to be held constantly or she would bawl her head off. I even took her outside and on some errands and she was still fussy the whole time, poor thing. But I have to admit it got old really fast. I think I'm in trouble cause this is just tooth #1.
Here is an adorable picture of Keilei past out in the car after a day of crying.

This is her getting her bath this morning...yes she is in the kitchen sink. My Moms house only has one bathroom and it only has a shower. She loves it though, she makes such a mess because she splashes the whole time and thinks it is so fun.

How many people does it take to give a dog a bath:)? This is my Mom & my "little" brother Jeff giving my sister Kayla's dog Jackson a bath, because she is in Alaska. My Dad & Keilei are watching because Keilei loves the dog and thinks he is really entertaining, and of course she is being held. Jackson is the coolest dog I know he is a great dog, as far as dogs go, sorry Titus but you pee on me and Jackson cuddles.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Grandpa Lofland's Baby Pics

This is my Dad, Danni E. Lofland, in 1941. He dug out some photos of himself as a baby because he thought that Keilei looked like him. And sure enough she really does look a lot like him. He was so proud. He told me, "Well now I will know what I would look like if I was a girl."
Here is the picture and one of Keilei to compare it to. I have other ones that look more like the one of my dad but I don't have all my pics with me in UT.

Here is another of my dad. And one of my parents house. Our house is like 107 years old. It has a half acre back yard and a ditch in the front. Both were very entertaining when I was growing up. We would get it the ditch and race boats down it. The water comes from the stream in the picture below.
We went on a walk to & around the temple today. Those are some of my nieces & nephews.There are 9 of the 23 grand kids in the picture. 6 from my brother Mike, 1 from Spencer, 1 from Bry & Keilei. It was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect, although they are all complaining it is too cold. But I am loving it.The next pic is in the park across the street from my house. It is a tree my brothers & I used to climb and the stream we played in and tubed down all the time. Just a little walk down memory lane.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Garage Sales!

I forgot what great stuff you can get at garage sales. Keilei & I went with my mom at 8 this morning until about 11. My mom got a Xbox w/ 3 paddles for $7.00! No joke and it works! She also got my sister a snowboard and boats for $25.

I got a pair of barely used uggs for $2.50. The lady said she only wore them once or twice cause they were too big, they look brand new. Yea I know I live in AZ so I don't NEED them. But there is only one thing that my little sister and are the same size in and that is shoes. So I figure she can use them and then when I'm in town I'll have a pair of boots to wear. I also got some paper trays for 12x12 paper for a buck. Which was great since I just started using 12x12 and had nothing to hold my paper. I also got two brand new stainless steal camping cups for .50 for our 72 hr kits that I am starting to put together.

It is great, unfortunately you do have to "dig" through other peoples junk to get some good stuff but it is totally worth it to me.

My mom, Keilei, & I went to a pampered chef party at a family friends Natalie Munk. I have known the Munks ever since I can remember. They are an awesome Family. I got to see Cassie (Munk), her son Connor and her husband it was great to see them it's been forever but they live in Logan now so I'll get to see her more.

Friday, June 6, 2008

She Waved!

My older brother Scott that lives in Salt Lake area was up visiting today. Between him and his wife Christina Keilei was held the whole time. When Scott was leaving he was waving goodbye to Keilei. I told her to wave and motioned with my hand, opening and closing my hand. I didn't think she would do it, Sean & I have been trying to get her too for awhile. But to every ones surprise she did it SHE WAVED! It was so cute. My mom & I tried to get her to do it later, to see if it was just a fluke, and she waved again, opening and closing her little fist.
She also started reaching for people about two weeks ago. Of course the first time she did it it was reaching for me to pick her up out of her bouncer. But luckily Sean was there and he saw, cause he has been trying to get her to do it forever. I think it so crazy how one day babies can't do something and the next day they will do it over & over.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sara's Wedding


Married June 5, 2008

My day started by going to the Logan temple at 9:30 for Sara's wedding. It was so awesome. I am so happy that she found a great guy. She is seriously the sweetest person I know. Kind, always smiling, and pure(in every sense of the word)...that is how I would describe her. Oh and of course a great friend. I am just SOOO happy I got to be there. Above is the Logan Temple the next is Sara's little sister Rachel & her husband.

After the sealing I came home to feed Keilei and then at 1:30 went to the Coppermill to her luncheon.

Once again these are the Hussies (minus KrisAnn)Desi, Missy, Sara(the bride), Jana, & Allison

Then home to feed the baby again and off to the reception at the Old Rock Church. It was BEAUTIFUL. Sara's dad owns a florist shop in Logan, so as you can imagine it looked like a gorgeous garden in the reception hall.

Father of the bride Bro.Winger w/Keilei. He is also a very sweet man. Next is Sara's beautiful dress and her husband.

some of the beautiful flowers

Side note: Keilei rolled under my mom's coffee table today and got stuck. I don't know if you can tell but there isn't much room there, I don't know how she fit.It was so cute!

Today was a great day!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Friends

The Hussies
KrisAnn Palacios, Desi (Spillett) McGee, Jana (Lofland) Lowe, Sara(Winger)Banham
Allison Tidwell & Melissa (Ashcroft)Miles
I found this picture on my moms computer and thought I would post it so you could all see who I'm talking about. It was taken last time we were in Utah a couple months ago when Sara announced she was engaged. We are eating at Angie's, a tradition from high school, each time I eat there it brings back memories.
These are my best friends that I grew up with. The 6 of us are the hussies. To explain the name...Krisann, Allison & I moved into an apartment when we were 18. And somehow, I don't even recall how, someone dubbed it the hussie pad and the name stuck. Allison even had red shirts with hussie written on the front in big black letters made. Each time one of us gets married we all wear the shirts to their bachlorette party. Allison, Sara, & Desi graduated from Logan High together in '00, KrisAnn, Missy, & I graduated together in '01 . We also all lived in the same stake and we only lived about a half a mile away from each other.

Seeing Friends

Sunday was really nice. We had homemade waffles for dinner, a Lofland tradition. My brothers Bry & Mike and their families came over to eat and so did Scotts kids. It was nice to visit with everyone. Then Keilei & I went to my friend Carolyn's house and visited with her and her son Will(7 1/2months old). Keilei was getting fussy so I was headed home to put her down. Just after I left Carolyn called me and told me that Desi, Liz(Carolyn's sister), & Jackie where headed to her house and said they wanted me to come back. So I turned around. We all talked & just hung out it was so nice to see them and get caught up. I won't see Carolyn for a week she went to Las Vegas Monday for their anniversary.
Then on Monday I ran into Missy at Sam's Club! We had plans to hang out, her I Desi & our kids, and go to the pool today(Tues). But it is pretty overcast and Missy has a cold and Desi can't get sick since she is going in for surgery on the 6th. But hopefully we will be able to hang out tomorrow. Then Sara's wedding is on Thursday!!! We will all be there for that. I'll have to post a picture of us all so you know who I'm talking about.
Keilei has been pretty fussy the last couple days and not sleeping as much. I think she is just getting used to being in a new place and around other people. She has been a little better today, so far. Hopefully she gets back to normal fast.
Keilei doesn't usually let Sean kiss her that much, she turns away, I always told him it was probably because of his scruff. Sean will be glad to know she didn't let my dad or bothers kiss her either and they were all scruffy too.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

In Logan, Utah

So Keilei and I made it to Logan ok. The plane was on time and there was probably only about 25 people on it. So boarding went fast. Right before take off Keilei & I moved to an empty row, there were a lot of them, we had three seats to ourselves!!!! I'm happy too cause she was so squirmy. I don't know how people take those long flights with tiny kids, Nichole & Melissa you are amazing:)
We arrived in Salt Lake City about 15 mins early. I looked for my mom, who was suppose to pick us up, no where to be found. So I got my checked luggage and still no mom. I really had to go to the bathroom but was waiting for my mom to get there cause I didn't want to figure out how I was going to do it with 2 big heavy bags, a diaper bag, and the baby. So I waited...45mins+!! Yeah by the time she got there I wasn't in the happiest mode. She had left from my brothers house in the SLC valley and it took longer then she thought it would.
We started to Logan, an 1hr 45min drive, and stopped to get something to eat. After that, now having gone to the bathroom:), had food in my stomach and the baby was asleep, I was in a much better mode.
After arriving "home" I had to clean and pack up my brothers stuff that is in the room that is going to be mine for the next 3 months. My brother had moved out, but not moved out. I invaded his room. After that we went to bed.
Today we went to church but only made it though 1 1/2 hrs I had to bring Keilei home and put her down for a nap. I could not get her to sleep at church. After she wakes up I have to rearrange some furniture and then we can get settled.
Oh before my flight Sean had to call Merrill Jordan, in our ward, to come over and help him give me a blessing. The last couple days my stomach has been killing me off and on. Of course it hurt really bad right before I had to leave, just my luck. After the blessing I felt a lot better and made the trip ok. I am so grateful Merrill could come over on such short notice, he was really a life saver.
Sean looked up some GI doctors for me in Logan, as we were walking out the door, he wants me to it settled. From talking to my dad and looking stuff up on the Internet I think it might be an ulcer, or something with similar side effects. Go figure I'm the one getting sick again. I guess I should count my blessings that Sean is healthy, since he is the bread winner. Keilei is healthy too! can't ask more then that.