Monday, May 26, 2008

Going to Utah

Sean & I went to the temple 5/21. Nichole was nice enough to watch Keilei for us! It was so nice to go. It had been too long. The weather last week was crazy. Sunday it was 100 degrees then Monday it hit 110. A couple days later on Thursday it went down to the 60's and rained all day. It was so weird. It seems to have leveled out again though.

I am going to fly up to Utah Saturday May 31 for the summer(about 3 months). I was going to go up mid June but bumped it up so I could be there for two of my best friends. Sara is getting married June 5!!!

Sara Winger & Brody Banham

I also have a friend getting a mastectomy on the 6th. I really wanted to be there for both of them!

I am flying up the 31st and then Sean is going to drive my car up on June 10th. He will then fly back on the 14th. So basically I have to pack what Keilei & I need for a week. Then pack the rest, what we will need for the next 3 months, into my car before I leave. It is such a pain.

Sean and I would just drive up together on May 28th but I am teaching a enrichment class on how to make headbands & bows May 29th. I am going up there for the summer for a couple reasons... And No, Sean & I are getting along great just incase you are thinking that. No problems here.

One - I want to get away from the heat for a little while

Two - Sean is working sooo much overtime. He will work for 72 hours then come home for a day then work another 72 hours, off one day, work 48, off one. Basically I hardly ever see him lately.

Three - I want to spend time with family & friends. My sister Kristi & her 5 boys are coming down from Alaska to live in Logan for awhile. And I haven't seen her in a long time. She has 2 little boys I have never met. I also have a bunch of friends I want to spend some time with, them and thier kids.

Well I'm off to pack yipee.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

History of Sean & Jana

Sean & I served in the Washington, Kennewick mission. Yea, Yea we met on our missions, don't worry we were both good obedient missionaries. Not an ounce of funny business I promise. The pic below is our zone on a P-Day up by Mt.St.Helens. I'm on the bottom row next is Sean. This was our favorite Zone we all had a blast toghether. Sean & Iwrote each other the last 3 months of my mission as friends, at least thats all that was in my head, Sean was brewing other plans. My mission reunion was the day after I got home from my mission. Sean and I saw each other there and spent the next 3 days together. 2 weeks later I moved to Az. 2weeks after that we were engaged. We were married 3 months later. Hey when you know you know!

Sean & I were married Aug 6, 2005 in the Logan Temple

We got a dog and named him Titus. He is Sean's best friend.

Sean got hired on Rural Metro Fire Department 3/06. He graduated his Fire Academy(w/ the fasted running time they have ever had!!) He then went to school to be a Paramedic and graduated Vala Victorian(sp?) of his class! He is now a Paramedic/Firefighter and has been working for Rural for over 2yrs. Bikes are still the love of his life and he works at Adventure Bicycle whenever he gets the chance.

Here are some big events in our lives... in no special order My older brother Spencer died in a fatal car crash 6/25/05

2 of my best friend had kids Melissa had "Bella" (Isabella) Desi is holding her little man Mickey

Sean's brother Brandon got home off his mission and married his high school sweetheart Beka 8/5/07

My brother Nate had the cutest baby I've ever seen. Named her Lily!

Two of my best friends, Carolyn & Jordan, got married... to each other! It was awesome to have my bestest friend get engaged a month before me and married about a month before me too!!

First picture is in Vegas w/ the Kevin & Melissa Johnstons, Sean & I, Erica & JC Coons, Ty & Makele Hibbard

Sean & I enjoying Payson Rim on our 1st annv.

Christmas w/ my family in Utah. I would put a pic of them on but they don't all fit in one(all 44 of us..yeah that is just my parents, us, my brothers & sisters and thier kids.) Sean only has a grand total of 16. It was a whole new experience for Sean:)

We try to go on trips as often as possible. Weither it is to Las Vegas, Camping, or to Utah the more the better.

The Gang

We hung out with a bunch of friends yesterday 5/19/08. Ty & Makele were down from Vegas. It was so fun being able to see them and thier adorable baby. We had tried to go see them a couple weeks ago but baby Keilei got sick so we had to cancel the trip, we were so bumbed. So we were so excited when we heard they were coming down.
All the baby girls played together. Yeah ours is the one who hasn't quite mastered sitting up yet but is just as big as the older girls. It goes L to R: Keilei Lowe, Keira Hibbard, Brenna & Brooke Johnston. They are all between about 5 & 9 months. Aren't they so cute!?! We had fun catching up, playing wii and eating lots. And of course trying to keep the babies content. Thank you to Kevins parents for letting us invade thier house, there was babies napping in every room in the house:) We had a lot of fun and are glad we got to see everyone.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where to start?

I wanted a better way of keeping in touch w/ people, I'm not a huge phone fan, and I hear this is the newest craze. So here I go. I am also really bad at keeping a journal so I thought this might be a bright idea...we will see if it works. My life at present consists of taking care of my baby girl and running errands, I know sounds exciting huh. Maybe that is why I get so excited at the littlest things Keilei does. Like how she is starting to roll around all over our living room floor, which isn't very big. I wish I had more room for her. Today she rolled under the coffee table and fell asleep. I am planning to go to Utah the 2nd week of June, for the summer, to get away from the heat & spend time w/ family & friends. I can't wait to spend time w/ my girls up there (aka the Hussies) & for anyone that doesn't know them, NO they aren't actually Hussies:)long story. I will miss my hubby more then anything though. He better miss us, even if he is working bookoo overtime.